Tutorial: Quantum Repeater Networks from Scratch

When: August 19, 2022 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Where: David Rubenstein Forum at the University of Chicago, 1201 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60637

Description: Quantum repeaters will distribute quantum entanglement across a distance, organized first into small-scale networks and eventually a Quantum Internet. This entanglement can be used to enhance the precision of networks of sensors, strengthen security guarantees for the classical Internet, and enable distributed quantum computation. Join this onsite half-day tutorial featuring web browser-based hands-on exercises if you are interested in the Quantum Internet – no prior background in quantum required! 

Outcomes: Attendees will be able to explain key concepts in quantum repeater networks, including the core ideas of how entanglement is distributed end-to-end and applications of distributed entanglement. They will understand the key challenges in building such networks at the architectural level, although introduction to specific hardware implementations will be limited. Attendees who arrive with no background in repeaters will be prepared to understand the talks given at the main Workshop for Quantum Repeaters and Networks, or more generally to discuss repeaters and understand why we are working to build them.

No specific background in either classical networking or quantum physics is required, but elementary linear algebra (multiplication of matrices and vectors) and probability will be used.

Familiarity with Python and Jupyter notebooks will be helpful but is not required.

Material will be geared toward junior and senior (3rd and 4th year) undergraduates and first and second year graduate students, but all are welcome to attend and industry engineers who wish to learn are especially welcome.

Advanced exercises will be provided for attendees with stronger backgrounds.

Attendees will be asked to prepare for this tutorial by watching about two hours of videos selected from an undergraduate unit on quantum communications.

Attendees should bring a laptop or large tablet for browser-based hands-on exercises.

The tutorial will be conducted by members of the Advancing Quantum Architecture (AQUA) group from Keio University, led by Prof. Rodney Van Meter. This tutorial is held prior to the Third Workshop for Quantum Repeaters and Networks (WQRN3), though distinct registration is required to participate.


1:00-1:30 PM  Introduction, orientation, Q&A on preparatory video materials
1:30- 2:00 PM Entanglement (Jupyter Notebook via Google Colaboratory)
2:00-2:30 PM  Long-distance entanglement: Teleportation and entanglement swapping exercise (Jupyter notebook via Google Colaboratory)
2:30-2:45 PM Break
2:45-3:15 PM Handling errors: Purification as quantum error detection exercise (Jupyter notebook via Google Colaboratory)
3:15-3:45 PM Creating basic entanglement: Lecture on quantum link hardware
3:45-4:00 PM Break
4:00-5:00 PM

Networks: browser-based simulations
introductory hands-on: QuISP simulation of two hops, with errors advanced hands-on: QuISP simulation of larger network
(WASM version via web browser)

5:00-5:30 PM Open discussion and closing remarks