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Credit: Andy Aaron, IBM


The Chicago Quantum Exchange member institutions collectively provide resources for scientists from across the CQE network, including access to unique world-class research facilities, programs to grow startups, and job opportunities.

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Job Opportunities

As a hub for cross-sector collaboration, research and discovery, and workforce development, the Chicago Quantum Exchange drives quantum jobs and technology in Chicago, across Illinois, and throughout the United States.

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Researchers at the nano-fabrication lab in PME


The Chicago Quantum Exchange institutions host unique research facilities that are available to CQE researchers, including supercomputers, X-ray microscopy tools, and fabrication and characterization facilities.

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Identity Guide

If you are a CQE communicator, please use the following Identity Guide for information on our key messages, logo, and other necessary information for your needs.

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Social Media

The Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) is an intellectual hub for advancing the science and engineering of quantum information between the CQE community, across the Midwest, and around the globe. One way we connect with the quantum ecosystem is through social media. 

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