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The Chicago Quantum Exchange partners with companies, national laboratories, and others to provide opportunities for CQE students and trainees, including internships and collaborative research opportunities, that expose them to a broad array of experiences in industrial, academic, and government facilities.

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Level: Graduate student, Postdocs

Organization Website:

Deadline: Rolling

Description: Quantum Computing and Materials Technology Intern - The intern will be responsible for kicking off our technology exploration in the Quantum Computing and Si photonics domains, looking for specific segments and High-Value Problems to target, making predictions about the market. The internship should result in an actionable plan for the CTO team to Go-to-Market.

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How to apply: For application instructions, please contact Leslie Du at

Level: Primarily graduate, though undergraduate welcome

Organization Website:

Deadline: Rolling

HRL’s internship program is designed to provide students with valuable hands-on technical experience working alongside some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of quantum devices, advanced packaging, high speed electronics, scaled nanotechnologies, and more. Internships are paid, highly technical assignments with year-round availability. Temporary housing and travel/relocation benefits will be provided.

HRL Laboratories, LLC is a research and development laboratory that specializes in advancing ultra-high-performance circuitry, robust computing and communications, automated data extraction, innovative architected materials, and quantum information technology. Experienced undergraduate and graduate students interested in all areas of quantum information technology are encouraged to apply for an internship at the scenic Malibu laboratory location which originated world-changing inventions such as the self-aligned gate MOSFET (SAGFET) and the laser. Projects include developing and operating tools to simulate device physics and quantum state evolution, designing software to operate and analyze semiconducting quantum devices, conducting cryogenic measurements of silicon spin qubit devices, working with a team of scientists to build a cutting-edge cryogenic test laboratory, and developing and performing free-space, fiber, and chip-scale quantum optics experiments.

How to Apply:
CQE students should apply through the HRL Laboratories portal.

Level: Undergraduate

Organization Website: Open Quantum Initiative (OQI) Undergraduate Fellowship | Chicago Quantum Exchange

Deadline: The 2023 cohort deadline has passed. 

Description: Through this fellowship, students will expand their understanding of Quantum Information Science and Engineering (QISE), connect with leaders in academia and industry, and increase their awareness of quantum career opportunities. Students participating in this program will spend the summer working in person with research groups on challenging, meaningful QISE projects. During the program, participants will complete a research project within a quantum information science and engineering group, as well as meet regularly with their graduate student or postdoc mentor to ensure their research is on track. Participants will present their work during a program culmination attended by the CQE community. Selected students will also receive a $6,000 stipend, housing for the summer, and travel to/from the program. Interested students must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited Educational Institution located in the United States and have completed their freshman year by June 2024. The OQI awards fellowships to a diverse set of students that fit the mission of the OQI. Recently graduated seniors (graduation date before June 2024) are not eligible for the program.

How to apply: Applications for 2024 will open in fall 2023

Level: Undergraduate, graduate

Organization Website:

Description: The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) connects students interested in QIS internships and full-time positions to opportunities with QED-C members. Available to undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs.

Level: Undergraduate, graduate

Organization Website:

Deadline: Rolling

Description: Quantum Machines is a global leader in control systems for quantum computing. Our Quantum Orchestration platform powers quantum breakthroughs and accelerates the path towards the new age of quantum computing. QM has a team of quantum physicists, software and systems engineers, and chip designers, all passionate about advancing the world of quantum computing further than it has ever gone before. 

The Quantum Machines internship program is an exciting opportunity to gain real-world quantum computation experience, working alongside experienced quantum researchers on a breakthrough technological platform that is becoming the new standard for controlling quantum systems. 

Interns will become a part of the QM team and work in a high-paced startup environment, building tools to enable some of the most advanced quantum applications in existence or those targeting next-generation systems, and developing their quantum control capabilities, which will be highly applicable in their future research. QM is seeking undergraduate or graduate students with completed coursework on the basics of quantum mechanics, a familiarity with quantum information science, and solid programming experience in Matlab/Python or similar, emphasizing data analysis and experimental control. Experience with quantum lab experiments and machine learning techniques are a plus.

How to apply: Interested applicants should send resume and cover letter to

Level: Undergraduate, graduate

Organization Website:   

Deadline: Rolling

Description: The company, located in Novi, Michigan, develops novel products and services that enable researchers to make single-photon measurements with unmatched sensitivity, speed, and precision. It’s Opus One™ multi-channel near-infrared photon detector system operates with greater than 80 percent detection efficiency.

Interns are desired to improve the company’s low-loss, high-speed photon detectors, superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors, and custom engineering solutions for nanowire response, mid-infrared photon counting, custom cryogenic systems, and integration with waveguides and photonic chips, which will enable next-generation experiments in quantum optics, optical quantum computation, single-photon communication, low-flux biophotonics, and remote sensing.

How to apply: Send a resume and cover letter to, explaining why they are interested in working with Quantum Opus, their areas of interest, and their unique expertise.

Level: Graduate

Organization Website:

Deadline: Rolling

Description: Zurich Instruments is a technology leader in advanced test and measurement instruments based on dynamic signal processing. Zurich Instruments will be offering two internship opportunities exclusively for CQE students.  

Zurich Instruments is accepting Quantum Software Development Intern applications to support projects as they build and bring to the market the Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS). Internships are 3-6 month engagements, which will include time in Cambridge, MA or virtually and in Zurich, Switzerland (COVID-travel permitting). Interns will have physics or electrical engineering backgrounds and be enrolled in a PhD program. Requirements include practical lab experience with qubits, Python programming, and knowledge of quantum stack hardware and software layers. Responsibilities will include: Creation and documentation of measurement scripts using the QCCS; Develop and improve user experience of QCoDeS and Labber interfaces for the Zurich Instruments Quantum System Controller; support system level performance optimization; Involvement in reviewing and testing for various applications and use cases; and Deliver software documentation.  

How to apply: Due to limited openings these positions will be offered only to CQE students at this time. Interested CQE students should send a resume and motivation letter to Vikrant Mahajan at