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Quick Quantum: For High Schoolers

Quantum technology is expected to revolutionize the American workforce in the coming decade. And building interest among high school students—a generation essential to the field’s skyrocketing advancement—is part of a national effort to meet that demand. 

Quick Quantum: For High Schoolers is a new educational YouTube series sponsored by Boeing and produced by the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) with input from leading scientists from the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. This series introduces young people to quantum information science and engineering, which exploits the unusual properties of nature’s tiniest scales to create unhackable communications and other cutting-edge technology. 

New Episode:

"Careers in Quantum"


  1. Quantum computing: manipulating quantum systems to store and process information
  2. Quantum communication: using quantum systems to send information over a distance
  3. Quantum sensing: using quantum systems to detect minute changes in the environment
  4. Atomic clocks: devices that use the incredibly-precise frequencies of quantum systems to keep time
  5. Quantum materials: substances and compounds that exhibit properties and behavior that can only be explained through quantum mechanics
  6. Quantum networks: technology that uses quantum communication to transmit information through multiple receivers

"Careers in Quantum" transcript:

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