Building the Quantum Economy

With members and partners, the Chicago Quantum Exchange is unlocking the potential of the quantum economy. The community’s leading researchers, facilities and resources, and innovative industry partners are fueling world- changing discoveries, creating quantum companies and jobs, and empowering a robust and inclusive quantum workforce.

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Hamamatsu scientist in a white suit sits over an atomic clock


Corporate partners participate in CQE activities and engage with the community through curated visits, workshops and seminars, annual calls for workshop ideas, the annual Chicago Quantum Summit, certificate programs, and recruiting opportunities.


The Chicago region’s quantum infrastructure, talent base, and startup community is driving the future of quantum information science and engineering. Local, national, and global quantum startups are invited to participate in this quantum technology ecosystem. 

Students at the 2022 Chicago Quantum Recruiting Forum stand around a table listening to a scientist from HRL

Job Seekers

Job seekers across the educational spectrum are invited to join the Chicago Quantum Exchange community to advance research efforts and developments in quantum science and engineering. Find opportunities to get involved here: