Education and Training

The rapidly evolving field of quantum information science will have significant impact on our economy and society. Reaching that promise requires developing a large quantum-ready workforce that can meet the existing and growing demand for skilled workers across a broad set of industries, including communications, optics, computing, and materials, and applications from finance to telecommunications. The Chicago Quantum Exchange is committed to the education and training of quantum scientists and engineers at all stages of their careers.

Undergraduate Students

Our community of universities and laboratories provides undergraduate students opportunities to discover and develop knowledge in quantum-related fields.


- Academic programs

- Internship opportunities

- Open Quantum Initiative (OQI) Fellowships

Graduate Students

Graduate students have the opportunity to conduct leading-edge research and work with top universities, national laboratories, and companies in the field.


- Academic programs

- Internship opportunities

- Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network (QISE-NET)

Postdoctoral Trainees

CQE members and partners provide opportunities for postdoctoral trainees to work with members of industry, academia, and our national laboratories. 


CQE IBM Postdoctoral program

- Other postdoctoral opportunities

Internship opportunities

Quantum Curricula and Teaching Resources

New initiatives aim to reimagine teaching quantum information science at all levels with the hopes of inspiring students and training the quantum workforce of the future.


Teaching and curriculum initiatives

K-12 Education

New initiatives, resources, and outreach programs are raising awareness and excitement of quantum science and engineering from kindergarten through high school.


- K-12 opportunities

Training for Professionals

Science and engineering professionals have underlying and domain-specific knowledge that makes them prime candidates for careers in quantum engineering and technology with only limited retraining.


Certificate programs