Research Areas

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

Atomic, molecular and optical physics is the study of how light and matter interact. The field has produced an extremely exciting set of tools for creating and probing many of today’s most exotic quantum systems. Chicago Quantum Exchange researchers are working to develop and improve devices for better detecting and researching these quantum systems: research that can then be used to engineer quantum key distribution technology, quantum nodes needed for quantum communication, and improved detectors for astrophysics research.

Chicago Quantum Exchange researchers are applying their knowledge of quantum matter/light interactions to a broad range of topics. By using existing methods and the development of novel techniques and devices, they can understand the quantum properties, such as quantum entanglement and quantum coherence, of materials ranging from diamonds to semiconductors to ultracold atoms. Scientists are also able to use these known properties to develop new quantum materials, such as atomically thin semiconductors, which can be used in integrated photonic systems and materials. Researchers are working directly on quantum photonics, making matter from light, and building platforms for quantum nodes into thin film diamonds. The development of these quantum nodes pioneers the way for the advancement of quantum communication, which has been previously unattainable due to barriers in scalability and performance.