llustration of redox gating for carrier manipulation and electric field control of the electronic state. The green threads represent functional molecules for redox gating, and the ability to function at low power mimics synaptic switching in the human brain, as represented by the underlying synapse. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory.)

Scientists from Argonne and UChicago use novel technique to create new energy-efficient microelectronic device

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The Chicago Quantum Exchange convenes leading academic researchers, top scientific facilities, and innovative industry partners to advance the science and engineering of quantum information, train the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers, and drive the quantum economy. The CQE facilitates interactions between member institutions and partners and provides an avenue for collaborations, joint projects, and information exchange.

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Illinois governor celebrates quantum technology leadership with The Bloch Tech Hub

The Bloch Quantum Tech Hub projected to generate $60 billion in economic impact

World Quantum Day 2024: Learn about the universe’s smallest scales

April 14 is World Quantum Day, an annual event celebrating quantum science and technology around the world

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