Chicago Quantum Summit

The annual Chicago Quantum Summit engages scientific and government leaders, the industries that will scale and drive the applications of emerging quantum research, and the trainees that will lead this future. Focusing on fostering a domestic and international community, experts discuss the future of quantum information science and technology research, the companies in the quantum ecosystem, and strategies to educate and build tomorrow’s quantum workforce.

Past Chicago Quantum Summits

abstract blue pink and orange atom with an atomic cloud and spin states in the middle with a pink line connecting them representing entanglement. The two entangled particles hover over a dark cityscape showing that the particles are connected over long distances

2023 Chicago Quantum Summit

Nov. 13-14, 2023

The sixth annual Chicago Quantum Summit was a two-day program that featured dialogue about new research initiatives in the field of quantum information science and engineering, current efforts to build the quantum workforce, and the partnerships fueling the growth of the quantum economy. The event also included the Boeing Quantum Creators Prize Symposium, which promoted early-career researchers whose work moves quantum science in new directions.

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Globe atom entangled in blue, teal, and pink

2022 Chicago Quantum Summit

Nov. 14-15, 2022

This fifth annual Summit provided opportunities to hear from leaders in quantum information science and engineering who are at the forefront of - and defining - this emerging field. These experts shared their insights and experiences growing government research initiatives, industry technology development, and building a quantum workforce. The two-day program included industry and government presentations on the future of quantum information science and technology, dialogue on growing the quantum economy, and included the 2022 Quantum Creators Prize Symposium which promoted early-career researchers working in new directions of quantum science.

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Illustration by Peter Allen

2021 Chicago Quantum Summit

Nov. 4th, 2021

The fourth annual Chicago Quantum Summit was a daylong program of presentations and discussions focused on growing quantum ecosystems, commercializing research, and considering complex issues such as workforce development and inclusion — on both local and global scales.

The summit was held at the University of Chicago’s David Rubenstein Forum. Virtual participation was broadly available.

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Illustration by Peter Allen.

2020 Chicago Quantum Summit

Nov. 11-13, 2020

The third annual Chicago Quantum Summit, hosted virtually by the University of Chicago, capitalized on the momentum of efforts across the quantum community, including the launch of US national quantum research centers and key partnerships with academia, industry, and others.

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2019 Chicago Quantum Summit

Oct. 25, 2019

The second annual Chicago Quantum Summit engaged scientific and government leaders from around the globe and the industries that will drive the applications of emerging quantum information science research. With a focus on building international community, these experts discussed the future of quantum information science and technology and strategies to build tomorrow’s quantum workforce.

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2018 Chicago Quantum Summit

Nov. 8-9, 2018

The first Chicago Quantum Summit brought together leaders from academia, industry, and government on November 8-9 to discuss the power of quantum technology.

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