2018 Chicago Quantum Summit Agenda

Event Concluded: Learn More about the Summit activities here.

University of Chicago
Eckhardt Research Center (ERC)—Room 161
5640 South Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637


Day 1 – Thursday, November 8

Live streaming available here.

Time Event Speakers Concurrent Lab Tours
8:45–9:30 AM Registration & Breakfast    
9:30–9:35 AM Opening Remarks David Awschalom, Liew Family Professor of Molecular Engineering, UChicago; Senior Scientist, Argonne; Director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange  
9:35–9:45 AM Program Welcome Robert J. Zimmer, President of the University of Chicago  
9:45–10:15 AM Keynote Dario Gil, COO, IBM Research and VP, AI and Quantum, IBM Research  
10:15–10:45 AM Keynote France Cordova, NSF Director  
10:45–11:00 AM Break    
11:00–11:30 PM Remarks Congressman Dan Lipinski, 3rd District, Illinois  
11:30 AM–12:00 PM Keynote Hartmut Neven, Engineering Director, Google Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab  
12:00–12:30 PM Keynote Steve Binkley, Deputy Director, Office of Science (DOE)  
12:30–1:30 PM Lunch   12:45 PM: Lab Tours
1:30–2:00 PM Panel Supratik Guha, Center for Nanoscale Materials Director and Senior Scientific Advisor to the Lab Director, Argonne; Professor of Molecular Engineering, UChicago; Joseph Lykken, Deputy Director and Chief Research Officer of Fermilab; David Awschalom, Liew Family Professor of Molecular Engineering, UChicago; Senior Scientist, Argonne; Director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange; Dale Van Harlingen, the Center for Advanced Study Professor of Physics and the Donald Biggar Willett Professor of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign  
2:00–2:30 PM Keynote Carl Williams, Acting Director of the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  
2:30–3:00 PM Keynote Paul Lopata, Acting Assistant Director of Defense Research & Engineering for Quantum Information Science  
3:00–3:30 PM Remarks Congressman Bill Foster, 11th District, Illinois  
3:30–4:00 PM Keynote Jeff Henshaw, Group Program Manager for Microsoft’s Quantum Architecture and Computation Group (QuArC)  
4:00–5:00 PM Reception CQE Member Research Poster Session  
4:40–5:00 PM Buses leave for Public Event    


Public Event

The Standard Club
320 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 60604

Live streaming available here.

Time Event Speakers
5:30 PM Doors open  
6:00 PM Lecture Hartmut Neven, Google
6:20 PM Fireside Chat Hartmut Neven, Google
David Awschalom
6:40 PM Moderated Q&A Martin Giles, MIT Technology Review
7:00 PM Event ends  


Day 2 – Friday, November 9


Time Event QISENET Meeting
8:15–9:00 AM Continental Breakfast  
9:00–9:15 AM Overview Evelyn Hu, Tarr-Coyne Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Science, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard University
9:15–10:15 AM Keynote Linda S. Sapochak, Division Director, Division of Materials Research, NSF
10:15–10:30 AM Break  
10:30–11:30 AM Student & Industry Panel Lisa F. Edge, Sr. Program Manager Epitaxial Materials, IR Program Office, HRL Laboratories, LLC; Ben Lawrie, Staff Scientist, Quantum Information Science Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Ryan Babbush, Senior Research Scientist, Google Inc.; Barbara Jones, Research Division, IBM
11:30 AM–12:30 PM Student Poster Session  
12:30 PM Conference Concludes