Education and Training

Certificate Programs in Quantum Engineering and Technology

The rapidly emerging field of quantum engineering has the power to transform cybersecurity, materials development, computing, and other research areas, but jobs within the field require specific knowledge of quantum science and engineering and their potential applications.

Companies in the communications, electronics, optics, and materials industries need to quickly and effectively build a quantum-ready workforce, and not just through recent graduates. Many professionals have fundamental knowledge that makes them prime candidates for careers in quantum engineering and technology with only limited retraining.

Supporting transitions to quantum careers

The University of Chicago has responded to quantum professional development needs by launching Certificate Program in Quantum Science and Engineering, managed by the Chicago Quantum Exchange. Through a four-day intensive program, professionals who are classically trained in physics, computer science, and other science and engineering fields learn the relevant fundamentals of quantum engineering and associated quantum technologies. To learn more about upcoming certificate programs, please contact or apply here.

Supporting early career professionals  

The Chicago Quantum Exchange and the NSF QLCI Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks (HQAN) are developing a Certificate program for adults with Bachelor’s degrees in fields such as physics, computer science, electrical engineering, etc. that includes an introduction to quantum information processing and quantum systems, and a focus on quantum networks and communication. By coming to the program with an existing technical background, upon completion of the Certificate, participants will be better positioned for entry-level or early career positions in QISE.