Nonprofit Partners

The Chicago Quantum Exchange partners with nonprofit organizations with a commitment to quantum technologies, education, and ecosystem building. Together, we target key community-driven developments in quantum information science and engineering.

Le Lab Quantique

Le Lab Quantique, a Paris-based nonprofit working to accelerate the emergence and development of the ecosystem that is necessary for quantum technologies. We are excited to work with Le Lab Quantique to create a broad quantum ecosystem– from Chicago to France. 


P33 catalyzes collaborations in the Chicago region’s tech ecosystem to facilitate economic growth and turn the city into an inclusive innovation leader. P33 aims to unlock the commercial potential of quantum information science from within the region by building and enhancing collaborations and translating quantum research into industry-led commercial viability.


The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) aims to enable and grow the U.S. quantum industry. Established with support from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, QED-C has support from multiple agencies and stakeholders to identify gaps in quantum technology, standards, and workforce, and then works to address those gaps through collaboration.